We provide business development solutions to entrepreneurs to ensure you get the most out of your business venture.

Launch, Grow, And
Raise Capital With Amaru

We provide business development solutions to entrepreneurs at every stage of your venture’s life cycle.
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We partner with start-up entrepreneurs to develop your idea into a business.

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We partner with growth stage entrepreneurs to achieve operational excellence.
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We partner with entrepreneurs to raise capital for your business.

Regular Communication

Our team is responsive and will be in communication, so you remain up to date on work being done.

Detailed Oriented

We pay keen attention to detail and are diligent in every task to ensure high quality outputs

Efficient Time Management

Work activities are completed on time and with an efficiency that maintains the quality of the output

Our Solutions

Provides foundational knowledge required to identify and evaluate potentially feasible business opportunities as well as the steps necessary to turn those opportunities into successful ventures.

Business Mentorship and Coaching
Provides guidance and monitoring necessary to make decisions as well as take action to build your business

Makes it fast and easy to get started in business as a sole trader or partnership.


Reduces the paperwork necessary to transition from a sole trader/partnership to a company or to start a new company.

Limits administration requirements to oversee the lengthy trademark process.

Supports maintenance of proper accounting records for preparation of management reports and quick filing of tax returns.

Assesses the efficacy of business processes to identify bottlenecks and foster optimal operational performance.
Supports undertaking of pre-investment activities primarily identifying, selecting, and determining feasibility of opportunities.

Foster investment promotion or pitching to angel investors, venture capital firms, banks, and other funders.


Communicates financial performance as well as the expected return on investment.