About Us

Amaru aims to be the business development partner of choice for the entrepreneur.

Our Story

Amaru Business Development Limited began operating in 2018, initially with a vision to make it fast and easy to register a business in Jamaica. Over the years we developed an excellent reputation for providing efficient business registration services, for which we have been rewarded with a loyal customer base. However, as we interacted with our entrepreneurs, we found that many demanded business development solutions, after registering their businesses.

“I founded Amaru out of my passion for supporting entrepreneurs and wanting them to succeed”
Rowen A. Johnson

Founder & CEO - BSc. MSc. Diploma, Global Leadership, ISO Trained


Partnering with entrepreneurs to achieve mutual success

Amaru aims to be the business development partner of choice for the entrepreneur. Our primary focus is building the capacity of the entrepreneur through knowledge training, so they become more proficient business operators. Amaru will also remain committed to the entrepreneur over the medium term to long term through providing key business support services that enable them to remain focused on core activities.

Regular Communication

Our team is responsive and will be in communication, so you remain up to date on work being done.

Detailed Oriented

We pay keen attention to detail and are diligent in every task to ensure high quality outputs

Efficient Time Management

Work activities are completed on time and with an efficiency that maintains the quality of the output

Our Team

Rohan Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Team Member Two

Head Manager

Team Member Three


Team Member Four

Chief Advisor

Our Certifications

Amaru Business Development Limited is certified under the ISO20700:2017 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services.